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Who We Are

Freedom through Christ

Our faith-based approach to drug and alcohol abuse

Adult & Teen Challenge Mid America uses a Christ-centered model for recovering from and combating drug and alcohol addiction. We want to help the men in our care heal their bodies, minds and spirits through a proven faith-based system of living. We want every resident to find the help they need, becoming a mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive child of God.

Finding health in a faith based system of support

Addiction destroys more than just the body, so it should be no surprise that Adult & Teen Challenge Mid America’s addiction recovery program considers every contributing factor in our resident’s lives.

Only our Lord Jesus Christ can satisfy the needs addiction to drugs and alcohol is trying to meet. Developing a connection and strong relationship with Jesus is at the core of everything we do. We build this lifelong relationship by placing every man we serve in a community dedicated to the principles found in the Word of God, where they can grow with others seeking a better way.

group of men getting together and having discussions
Music playing for a church sermon

Our approach to sustained recovery

Adult Teen Challenge Mid America offers practical, guided and accessible Bible-based courses designed to free our students from the behaviors that lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We give men the chance to start over, to make the right decisions and to live a healthier and godly life, finding freedom, purpose and restored hope through faith in God. We accomplish this renewal through classes, individual study, personal mentoring, work ethics training, vocational study and Christian community involvement.

We are confident that through a dedication to Christ, the men that enter our program will become sober, productive and contributing Christian members of society.

A better tomorrow starts today

God's forgiveness is the ultimate second chance, but it is your choice to make. We hope that you take the time to consider all this path has to offer. Breaking the cycle of addiction is not easy and if other rehabilitation programs have not worked for you, do not be discouraged.

Our addiction recovery centers work through the power of Christ, and in Him all things are possible.

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