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What to Expect

Our program

A complete approach to spiritual, educational and financial wellness.

Our program provides students the opportunity to develop their skills and attributes in these areas and to form a strong foundation of character and faith needed to face the many challenges and demands of everyday life in environment of learning, accomplishing, self-discipline, spiritual and personal growth.

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The Spiritual

Daily chapel services, prayer and devotion, choir, student ministries, student praise, worship, Bible study, and Biblical counseling provided by staff.

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The Academic

Bible teachings and Bible-related classes, along with an HSE program enable students to restart their education, take and pass the HSE exam and move on to community college, technical schools, university studies and beyond.

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The Vocational

Our work-study programs also teach basic job skills and productivity in a structured environment designed to instill a solid work ethic, preparing and enabling our students to enter the workforce, become productive members of society and support themselves and their families.

A commitment to change. A commitment to Christ.

There is only one explanation for our high success rate and that is Jesus Christ. Our program is based on the principle that only Christ can truly change a life. Our primary goal is to help each student develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and learn how to apply this relationship to every aspect of his life.

We have consistently shown a seventy to eighty-six percent success rate in helping men stay off drugs. A study conducted in 1997, by Dr. Aaron Bicknese, found that 86.4 percent of the Adult Teen Challenge graduates studied had been abstinent from drugs in the six months prior to the interview.

Our impact often reaches well beyond the student in the program, reconciling families, restoring relationships, removing the need for incarceration and creating productive citizens who often minister to those who face the problems and addictions they once let rule their lives.

Older man giving advise to the younger generation