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What To Expect

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the Program

Getting Involved A commitment to Christ.

Adult Teen Challenge Mid-America in Cape Girardeau, MO is a long-term, residential, faith-based program that ministers to men with drug, alcohol as well as other addictions and life controlling issues. We are part of a worldwide network of ministries which include about 200 centers around the world.

ATCMA ministers to men ages 18 and above, from all walks of life. Addiction knows no age boundaries, education or social class. We typically have approximately 85 students or more who are with us for 12 months at a time, assisting 100 men per year to complete our treatment and rehabilitation program.

There is no simple solution to addiction

The many sides to our approach

ATCMA’s program consists of three main parts—spiritual, academic and vocational. We provide students an environment of learning, accomplishing, self-discipline, spiritual and personal growth. This provides students the opportunity to develop their skills and grow as individuals. Our program helps these men form a strong foundation of character and faith essential to facing the many challenges and demands of everyday life.

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The Spiritual

The spiritual aspect of our program consists of 5 chapel services per week, daily prayer and devotion times, our Turning Point small group ministry, pastoral counseling provided by staff, choir and other student ministries, student praise and worship music, and student-led Bible study.

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The Academic

Academically, our students are taught the foundational principles of Christian belief through Bible teachings and Bible related classes. Our HSE program and classes enable students to restart their education, take and pass the HSE exam and move on to higher levels of learning. These include community college, technical schools, university studies and beyond.

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The Vocational

Vocationally, our students are involved in a variety of different work programs which serve to develop and instill a strong and lasting work ethic. These programs also teach basic job skills and to be productive in a structured environment. Ultimately, this aspect of our program prepares and enables our students to enter the workforce and to become productive members of society by supporting themselves and their families. As each student approaches graduation, they will be taught how to properly prepare a resume which will help them be more successful in their search for job opportunities.